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Great strength and the need for change arise when we are faced with challenges. Mahila was formed by a group of five women in Dallas who believe that empowering women is empowering society. Mahila’s mission is to enable women, in India and elsewhere, to advance within their communities. This year's goal includes funding programs that empower women, through financial inclusion, to work their way out of poverty with dignity and respect.

For their inaugural fundraiser, Open Doors, Mahila has chosen to support Milaap USA and its efforts to create a sustainable impact on the livelihood of poor working women in India. Milaap USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that partners with organizations across different sectors in India to increase financial inclusion for individuals who may not have access to low cost capital. Since 2010, Milaap has disbursed approximately $6.5 million and impacted the lives of over 176,000 people in India through more than 38,000 micro-loans. 

Mahila will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Milaap USA, which will benefit the efforts of one of their largest recipients, The Gramalaya Microfin Foundation (GMF). GMF drives economic empowerment of rural women by granting low cost micro loans to start small scale enterprises. Milaap partners exclusively with GMF on its integrated program to train and launch rural entrepreneurs in one of twenty-five income‐generating skills. These women are then able to sell their products through networks, locally and across India, making profits and impacting their own household as well as the society they live in. As funds are repaid by borrowers, they are then re-lent to a new set of borrowers in the women's enterprise development sector. A perpetual cycle is thus created.  As the loans are repaid and redeployed, the number of lives impacted continually increases.