Why Mahila

I grew up with an older sister and we were always taught by our parents that if you dream big and work hard success is inevitable.  We were never told that something wasn't possible because we were women, in fact it was the exact opposite.  We were fortunate enough to be brought up in a time and place where this was the case.  This is not the case for everyone.  When I heard about these women in India who had the drive and tenacity to start businesses but simply did not have the means to begin, it was a no brainer to get involved.  I have always believed in the philosophy of empowering people with the tools to do things for themselves, therefore creating long term sustainability.  Civic responsibility has always been a priority for me, and being a part of Mahila allows me to the opportunity to give back in a way that is hugely fulfilling.  

Now that I have two daughters of my own it is extremely important that I model to them not only that they are capable of anything,  but also the importance of community involvement.  Life is not as meaningful when you do not take the time to help those around you. 

About me

Priya Bhola Rathod’s career has revolved around the media world.  Priya grew up in upstate NY, and attended college in the region.  She moved first to Chicago and then Los Angeles where she worked at MTV Networks, Comcast Networks and Sony, managing sales and marketing teams.  Her interests soon crossed over to the creative side where she snagged such sought after positions as becoming on-camera host and reporter for several digital networks as well as international television network TV Asia. Since getting married and moving to Dallas for her husband, an entrepreneur who founded menswear company J.Hilburn, Priya has worked as the video editor and lead reporter for DFW Style Daily and the sole North Texas reporter for TV Asia.She currently resides in Dallas and is a dedicated wife to Veeral Rathod and mother to daughters Aria and Anya.